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Application Development on Gas Station and Consumers with the Representational State Transfer Approach

Application Development on Gas Station and Consumers with the Representational State Transfer Approach

In this study, a system is proposed to provide interaction and communication between fuel stations and fuel consumers. In the proposed system, there are two basic layers as backend and frontend.

Figure A. Client and web service infrastructure of the proposed system Purpose: In the backend, web services have been developed with the Representational State Transfer (REST) approach [2]. With the help of the developed web services, more than one fuel station and more than one user can perform transactions simultaneously. Through the developed web interface, fuel stations can save their services and fuel prices to the system. Consumers, on the other hand, can instantly monitor the services offered by fuel stations and fuel prices via the developed web interface or mobile application. Theory and Methods: The proposed system requires the use of different technologies together. For this reason, the materials and methods used in the development of the proposed system are explained in detail under different headings. Web services, interface development library, non-relational database, location and mapping services are explained in detail. Results: The basis of the proposed system is the web service structure. The developed web services are based on REST. The web interface is developed using AngularJS and HTML. A mobile application has been developed for users to access this system more easily and to benefit from the possibilities of mobile systems. The developed mobile application provides access to REST web services with its internet infrastructure, and web services to the database when necessary. JSON data format is preferred as a data structure. Thus, more efficient and faster data communication is provided. Conclusion: In the usage tests of the developed system, it has been seen that the web services provide smooth service on mobile and web platforms. Thanks to the platform-independent operation of the system, it has been ensured that it can be integrated into different applications. The security of the web services is provided by using Spring security components by preferring the Spring Boot framework. With the proposed system, not only a system that will serve gas stations but also an architectural structure that will be used in different areas of use has been presented.

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